Monday, April 18, 2016

Performance #1: "Slide"

This piece was at first a very straightforward action. Play slide with paint, okay cool... why don't we vibe it up a little? I learned a lot about testing the different senses and the boundaries of that. I thought it would be a great idea of mixing the two different viscosity and creating the oneness between the two. While doing the actual performance, my goal was achieved. By the end my hands were covered in clay like blood stained hardened peanut butter, and I LOVED IT. I was so extremely satisfied and joyful with how this who performance turned out. I thought that the lack of clothes and the simplicity of that created the environment to be directed towards the hands. I have always loved being naked and testing the gender fluidity with that and making sense towards a body is a body and nothing more. There is no sexual connotations, no desires, no emphasis but rather hollow flesh that contains the soul. Going away from the visual aspect, I loved the smell of the peanut butter and that it left this wafting uncomfortable-ness in the air, at least for me because the smell of peanut butter can be pretty overwhelming at some parts. And finally the sound, I was concerned with the product dripping off and not being able to continue the sounds I wanted throughout the whole piece, however we just decided to go for it. When we do perform this piece again I really hope to add more of the substances, especially with the idea after every time one of us messes up. I think than it will create the constant sound I was hoping for... Ben I'm looking at you, let's do it again and let's get MESSY.


  1. Good self-reflection Madison. This was a stunning work -- the video shows this. Being there was really intense. Great photos! and video! Keep it going!

  2. I really loved the simplicity of this performance. I sat so I could only see your face, Madison, and it was really striking to watch how concentrated you were on this game. Your face was set and even when mistakes were made you maintained your demeanor. The simple action of playing slide was captivating when you added the elements of light and the paint and peanut butter.
    That initial action of putting the substances on your hands and swiping them across the other person's arms was one of my favorite parts. It set up the playfulness that carried throughout the piece. I thought the partial nudity was a strong choice. I like how it was very much a meaningless, innocent connotation. Nudity can mean nothing and that's important!
    Overall it was a very fun performance to watch and engaged many of my senses: the smell of the peanut butter, the red of the paint on your bodies, the sound of your hands slapping and squishing the liquids.

  3. Are we doing this again? Hell yeah hell yeah! slide paint peanut butter buddies 4 block 8-var (I was gonna say forever but that's a REALLY long time and I don't want to force you into that kind of commitment)

    1. Also that image of the peanut butter being heated up under a hand dryer is A+.

    2. ahaha thats a lot of commitment, but yes I want to recreate this piece!! Lets chat about it, also thank youuu!