Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Performance #2: Duet for Bottle and Wine Glass

I was very conflicted with this piece, I was really focusing on the actions and making sure that I completed what was on the score sheet rather than the actual performance itself. I liked how it turned out though and how everything came together. I loved peoples reactions and ideas to how to add meaning to the bottle, because before doing this performance I didn't really find any meaning which might have been why I didn't connect with this piece as much as the other. I love the action and the different tones, however like what was suggested we should have elongated it to emphasize the sound in its own uniqueness. I think that this piece would be more in depth if we focused on the little things like more wine, white cloths and draw on the more innocence and virginal ritual. I did however feel the chance equation when I fell off the table, I felt that it actually added to the performance and made it more really rather than robotic and mechanic. That sometimes we mess up but we just have to keep it up and keep going with it.

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  1. I found your performance interesting and different from the others we have seen in class. The fact that it was in a different location and outside was a nice change of pace and made your performance stand out from the others. Although the cork was not supposed to take that long to come out, i like the sound and added to your performance rather then subtracted it. I also like how both the glass of wine and bottle were smashed however I think you guys needed to take your time with them do more or drink more form them. I also felt like there could have been a little more aggression as well but you still made your point which is the most important thing. The final result with the plastic tarp, glass and wine was very visually pleasing and I liked the idea of your performance leaving behind this residue that reflected to well on the over all show. Good job being so creative and thinking outside the box!